Galtes Forn Architecture team counts with professionals from several disciplines like Architecture, Interiorism, Engineering and Administration which allow us to offer a wide variety of services to satisfy our clients´ needs.

Architectural Design

We make personalized designs for our clients taking into consideration their preferences and needs on preliminary drafts and construction drawings.

We have become specialized on designing exclusive architectural solutions on which we include the latest tendencies on finishing and technology making our customers happy by creating innovative projects for them.

Building Work Inspection

Our team of professionals visits the building site on every building stage to make sure that all architectural, structural and electromechanical regulations and guidelines in terms of drawings are being followed correctly.

The monitoring of the building process guarantees our clients that the project will be executed properly, watching over the building quality and its design.


Our company counts with a specialized department for the designing and setting of interior spaces either for new projects or renovations.

Our objective on this area is to create unique settings where the design can be seen on every detail so that visitors can enjoy the experience.

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Work Building

Our main characteristic relies on building works with building systems, finishings and systematizations that require High Technology and Specialized Work Force which will offer exclusive final works.

We also guarantee the fulfillment of all standards related to the materials as well of the work safety.

We offer two service options according to the client convenience, by Work Administration or by Fixed Price.

Investment Advice and Projects´ Development

Besides developing our own projects, we offer our clients/ investors all advice needed to execute and to start any Real-estate Projects.

Our services on this area go from the creation of the Project´s feasibility, Design, Drafts and Paperwork to Financing Advice.